April 20th

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Ok, these came out ugly thanks to me creating a marinara with spinach and mushroom along w/ the tomatoes but they were yummy! My first time cooking eggplant and it tasted exactly like pizza!

When I have a family one day, I want to pick a country a week and cook a cultural dish to represent it. That way, I can teach my kids about the world. I’m OBSESSED w/ cultures 😊☺️ #bellabonvivant #eggplant #vegetarian #vegan #healthy #fitness

April 19th


Brunch is, by far, my favorite meal to cook. “Fried” Egg Whites and Herbs x Vegan Monterrey and Mozzarella x Turkey Bacon in a Corn Tortilla, on a bed of Romaine and topped with Pineapple, Mango and Jicama Salsa. I later drizzled a little no-salt/low-sugar ketchup. #yum #healthy #fitness #brunch #bellabonvivant #shecooks #womenthatcook #cookmore

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reaction images need to stop those were cool in 2011


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i want this in my room asap

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"We must be over the rainbow!"

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

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Been Bad

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