July 20th

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more pics of one of my shoe purchases that arrived yesterday.

so these are my messeca babies. i wanted a nude wedge that’d be perfect for miami and thus…. ta-da!

the verdict: they seem really comfy, as expected with a quality wedge. my feet are quite sensitive after years of ugg wear at su, so i’m particular about my shoe choices. so far with these, i love ‘em! the only things i don’t care for are the cut of the ankle and the back zipper. i have tiny ankles already, and i read some reviews online that said the ankle runs big for everyone, so i was a little cautious with that. they are roomy if you’ll notice in the pics around my ankle [mind you, i went down half a size], but nothing too serious. i just wish they were more fitted, which would alter the look and appeal of the shoe, in my opinion. as for the zipper, it was a little hard to get down and back up [which i also read in reviews], but i used some little tricks to get it going well. we’ll see how it holds up over time. i did notice some adhesive/glue on the zipper, making it a bit sticky… perhaps that’s the culprit? for the money they’re worth, let’s hope that’s not glue they used to manufacture the shoe. i expect a better quality out of this brand.

either way, we’ll see how they are after a few wears. some people said they wore them all day long… eh, i don’t know if i’ll go that far, but only time will tell. they def. make me a bit taller [maybe not as much as the fuschia wedges that also arrived yesterday], and they make my legs look great [i used to run track and play softball. freak yeah.].

what do you guys think?

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    these shoes with thinner bands with all an all over grey color will be on my feet in a couple days :D !!!
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